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Welcome to, the first free online community for alumni and students of Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas.

Unlike certain commercial sites (like this one, this one and this one), this site is absolutely free to join, and will not send you spam or mass emails of any kind. Over time, however, it will give you the opportunity to read and write freely about your memories of SFA and your life since graduation; to plan, announce and report on reunions; and to network with other SFA alumni.

School SealI created this site for one reason: All Austin High Maroons should be able to keep in touch without having to pay a $39 annual fee to a commercial site for unrestricted reading and writing privileges. It is my hope that will eventually develop into a friendly and supportive community where "Everybody is Somebody."

-- Andrew Chin
Class of 1984
October 2, 2003


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Help it grow by:

  • registering here using your real name and permanent email address, so that reunion committees and friends who visit here in the future can contact you
  • announcing it to your classmates on mailing lists and reunion announcements
  • linking to it from any Web sites you may own (this really helps!)
  • telling your friends
  • posting and visiting here regularly (share the stories of your life, or at the very least, keep your information up to date!)
  • sending private messages to your friends that they can view on the site's messaging system

60% of the people who have visited this site are not registered members yet. So go ahead and register even if there's no one you know on the member list! Your friends may very well be unregistered and waiting for you to join.

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To keep this a friendly and useful site for everyone:

No SpamBe true. When you register, use your real name as your username, and provide your permanent email address and class year. After you register, you have the option of setting your profile to keep your email address hidden. I promise not to send you spam or reveal your email address to anyone.

A word of advice: It's best not to get too creative when you register your name. Even though you might find it appealing today to describe yourself to your former classmates as "J*o*H*ND*O*E," over the years you will likely find it easier to remember how to type "John Doe."

If you find that your member registration has been deleted, most likely this is because (1) you didn't register using your real first and last names, (2) you forgot to identify your class year, or (3) you provided an invalid email address. You can register again using accurate information.

Be polite. Observe basic netiquette and abide by the terms of the registration agreement. I can assure people who insist on being rude and obnoxious that they will be promptly and permanently deprived of an audience. (The absence of rude and obnoxious postings and members on this site should demonstrate my effectiveness in this regard.) Advertisements are OK, but only in the section designated for them.

If you find that one of your posts has been deleted, it is most likely due to a serious breach of netiquette, and my expectation is that you will determine on your own what you did wrong and modify your behavior accordingly.

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